P-SAMS syn-tasiRNA Designer

syn-tasiRNA Designer web app designs one or more syn-tasiRNA. Each syn-tasiRNA may target one or multiple genes in Arabidopsis thaliana and other closely related species that express the miR173 trigger. The app outputs the sequence of the syn-tasiRNA(s) together with the sequence of the two oligonucleotides required for cloning the syn-tasiRNA(s) in BsaI-ccdB (B/c) vectors containing the Arabidopsis thaliana TAS1c precursor. Multiple results are provided when possible. If you already have syn-tasiRNA sequence(s), the app directly outputs the sequence of the oligonucleotides. P-SAMS syn-tasiRNA Designer can filter syn-tasiRNAs for potential off-targets if you want highly specific syn-tasiRNAs.

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